Tacos are one of my favorite foods ever. I will proudly admit that I will never turn down a yummy chicken soft taco from Taco Bell, but I will absolutely drool over really good Mexican tacos. I’m talking overstuffed, salsa down your arm tacos from your favorite hole-in-the-wall place you heard about from a friend. But what about tacos from a bus-in-the-wall? That’s exactly what I got to experience when my fiancé and I headed down to St. Petersburg, FL to scope out wedding venues.


Originally a food truck, Taco Bus has now permanently set up shop in a few Florida locations, one located on Central Ave in St. Petersburg. The truck (aka bus) is still there, and all orders are taken through the little window. Adjacent to the bus is a large seating area offering both indoor and outdoor tables to have your Mexican feast.

I first heard about Taco Bus from a coworker with a gluten allergy, and when I first glanced at the eatery’s robust menu, I immediately could see why he highly recommended the place. Taco Bus has a great list of normal taco fare, but it also impressively offers tacos specifically for gluten free patrons and hungry vegetarians (the butternut squash taco sounded fantastic). This visit, my fiancé and I opted for carnitas.

Any true taco fan knows a tortilla can make or break this Mexican delight, and I am proud to say my Taco Bus taco did not disappoint! This tortilla was soft yet denser than most tortillas I have had which made it the perfect vessel for the big pile of carnitas meat it was filled with. Remember those overstuffed tacos I am so in love with? Yea, these tacos are exactly that! My carnitas taco overflowed with succulent and juicy meat that melted in my mouth. Topped with cabbage, tomatoes, and fresh guac, this taco was definitely tasty.


If you’re traveling in the St. Pete area, I’d take the time to have a great casual lunch at Taco Bus. The large menu offers a variety that any taco fan can fall in love with, from the more traditional to adventurous taco flavors.

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