The Tale of Two Henrys Brewing

A little off the main path of I-4 in Plant City on the Thonotosassa Road lives a spot called Two Henrys Brewing. The name comes from two popular Henrys of Florida, Henry Flagler and Henry Plant. Both were instrumental in the shaping of Florida and key to the railroads that run throughout. We see the homage to the men in the names of the beers on tap.

Two Henrys Brewing is co-located with the Keel and Curley Winery. In fact, they share the same space for their tasting room. One side occupies the wine selections and the other side takes craft beer. As we are about being social and always including beer, it is obvious which side we chose for our endeavor.


Two Henrys has 5 signature craft beers and rotates seasonal selections to fill the other taps. The also had a few cider options as well for those who may not be in to beer or wine.Click the photo below to see what is currently on tap. However, they do advise to call ahead as the rotate often.

We decided as this what mostly new to all (Kendal has family nearby so this place is not new to her) the best course of action was to do a beer flight and try the awesome flavors they had on tap.


Once you fill out your train, the beers roll on to your table.


The also have a Founders Club for the hardcore fans of the brewery. The cost is a bit steep ($1000 to be exact) but the Membership offers a variety of discounts and free beer for life(limits per day but still….LIFE). Those with that kind of loose change can fill out an application. And yes, we managed to be graced with the presence of two Founders Club Members during our visit!


Our Recommendations: 

We all agreed that one was our favorite above all and that was the Gilded Age Golden Lager. It was a beautiful golden color with a light body that the people at Two Henrys believe the “Henrys would have enjoyed at the turn of the century”. We would agree!


Extra free flight aside, my favorite sampled beer here was the Steam Engine Belgian Blonde. This one gets my vote for its golden color, medium body, balance, and drinkability. Had I gotten a full glass this would have been my choice.

Definite shout out to the Roasted Jalapeno Blueberry Porter! Going in to the day I was most excited to try this beer and I was not disappointed. Blueberry on the nose and initial taste with a jalapeno finish. I don’t consider myself a spicy flavor fan, but I’m finding myself liking these beers lately.


Belleview Biltmore Blueberry Vanilla wheat took the prize for me. I’m a fan of blueberry in beer and the vanilla was a nice sweet twist.

Although a bit spicy for a full pint, the Roasted Jalapeño Blueberry Porter is unique and a must for adventurous beer drinkers. The blueberry can definitely be tasted, but it’s the infused jalapeño that really tickles the back of your throat!


Jameson Steamboat was really flavorful but was a beer you could have a few of hanging out. Definitely had a oak flavor but not overpowering. I should have brought a case of it home.

The Roasted Jalapeño Blueberry Porter gets an honorable mention from me. I was surprised that the flavors worked so well. Great for a taster but I don’t think I could handle a pint as the jalapeño hits hard on the end.


Simple flavors go a long way with me so I really enjoyed the Gilded Age Lager the best.

Their Belgium Double was good but just a little strong for me in the ABV%.

All in all, Two Henrys Brewing has something for everyone. It was a a great spot and we definitely will have to make another stop there again in the future.

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