The Whiskey

Nestled in Dr Philips, The Whiskey takes the burger to the next culinary level, striving to make art on a plate. This place has everything, from high ends burgers made from Wagu beef to creative libations created from their 100 brands of whiskey, bourbon, scotch and rye.

RJ and Gabi decided to join them on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Typically popular in the evenings when they play live music, they still has a lively crowd for this late afternoon meal.

The burgers here are top notch and full of flavor. Gabi is a stickler for well done burgers but there is always the chance that when you order it that way it can be dry. Well the folks at The Whisky can burn your burger down and keep that juicy flavor intact. Another key point is that instead of using lettuce, the spruce that burger up with arugula instead, bringing a stronger flavor to an already inspiring meal.
Featured: The Whisky and The Lassahn.

Gabi and RJ had an amazing meal at The Whiskey. While the bill can run high at this spot ($50 for 2 burgers and 2 beers with tip) it’s well worth it in terms of quality cuisine. This place is definitely a great spot for a night out with live music and fun crowd and also for that late afternoon bite to get in you a good place.

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