The Crepe Company

Every once in a while something awesome happens at your job. A party, an event, a food truck. Wait a second…a food truck? Yes! Today is one of those days so we are going to be all about “Food Truck Friday” in this Spotlight on The Crepe Company


Normally RJ has to go on a quest for quality cuisine, but today he had the fortunate pleasure of the quality coming to him. The Crepe Company, or Orlando’s “original” crepe maker, has been servicing the Central Florida area since 2009 by whipping up a wide variety of these delicately thin pancake-like pastries. Ranging across the spectrum from savory to sweet, they even have a crepe called “The Elvis” which (as you can guess) combines peanut butter, banana, and honey. You can’t help falling in love with that heavenly combo!

img_5246Featured is the Monte Cristo Crepe containing: turkey, ham, cheddar cheese, and raspberry preserves. RJ customized his to include tomato–gotta get those vitamins!

The Crepe Company fashions their crepes in the hand held style similar to that found amongst authentic Parisian street vendors; however, The Crepe Company is not limited to vending just as a food truck. In fact, they offer catering services for office lunches, holiday parties, corporate meetings, and other special events. One might say that this way “you can have your crepe and eat it too.”

Whether looking to satisfy a sweet tooth or just calm your hankering for a thin pancake, you can always check out The Crepe Company on social media to see where they are rolling up to next. Most Saturdays they can be found at the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market or on Sundays at the Orlando Lake Eola Farmer’s Market.

Enough talk. Time to eat. Bon appetit!

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