Costa Rica: The Food 

For our trip on food, we though we would keep it simple and share the photos and a quick statement about each. Truly the food of Costa Rica is simply amazing and wholesome. Every meal we had felt like it was a home cooked meal from someone’s grandmother.

Mi Rancho Restaurant – Daily Special – Steak with onions, white rice, black beans, salad, fried plantains

Mi Rancho is a small side of the road restaurant on the way from the airport to The Springs Resort and Spa. Talking with the staff at the resort, this is a familiar stop and quite a popular location. Our driver, Walter, joined us for the meal and made the time even more special. We didn’t fell like tourists but rather as friends enjoying a meal together. The beer (Imperial – The official beer of Costa Rica) can be found everywhere and at $2 a bottle you cannot go wrong.

Ginger Sushi Restaurant at The Springs resort and Spa – Rainbow roll

Our first night at the hotel we wanted to do something a little lighter. And with the USMNT playing Mexico for the World Cup Qualifiers, we wanted to be able to catch the game as well. Thus, we come to Ginger Sushi. Gabi has sushi a lot. Every time she is in Brazil traveling I get at least one or two photos of some giant boat of fish wrapped in sticky rice. She said that this Rainbow roll was by far some of the best sushi she had ever eaten.

Tres Cascadas Restaurant The Springs Resort and Spa – Steak Costa Rican Casado

The Casado is a Costan Rican meal consisting of rice, beans, plantains, salad, a tortilla, and an optional entree that may include beef, chicken pork, fish and so on. The casado at Tres Cascadas was so good that it was the meal I took in at every evening. I mean, come on, when you get high quality meals that embody the country you are in, you have to have it more than once.

Tres Cascadas Restaurant The Springs Resort and Spa – Costa Rican Chicharones

Chicharonnes vary between many Latin American countries. In Costa Rica, chicharonnes are made from frying pork rib in fat and served with several sides. From Tres Cascadas, the chicharonnes are served with a plantain ceviche, savory fried plantains, yucca, and corn tortillas. We got this dish on a whim and were amazed. Gabi even had it a 2nd time as a meal later on in the week.

Tres Cascadas Restaurant The Springs Resort and Spa – Pecan Pie

When I heard they had pecan pie, I knew Gabi would want to try it. When it came to the table, we were quite surprised as it was quite a sight to behold. Sugar crusted pecans, spun sugar, and plantain ice cream brought this simple but delicious pie to life.

Tres Cascadas Restaurant The Springs Resort and Spa – Coconut Flan

Our last night, we met a wonderful gentleman named Luis. We talked about the region and family, sharing many thoughts and a few laughs. Luis truly made our last night at the resort special. When it came down to desert, Luis mentioned there was a Coconut Flan made special that day. This was truly our most favorite desert during the trip.

We had quite an appetite from this adventure. In our next post, Costa Rica: The Adventures, we will talk about how we explored the rain forest and why we had such large appetites.