Costa Rica : The Springs Resort and Spa 

Talk about a place you will never want to leave. Costa Rica is an amazing country with so much to see and do. While we could not do it all, we did travel to the Arenal Volcano and experience the rain forest. This is the first of 3 installments about our Adventure. We hope you enjoy our story as much as we did making it.

The Springs Resort and Spa in Costa Rica is a 165 acre 5 star luxury boutique hotel with all the comforts you can desire and adventures all around. With 28 hot springs across the property you can easily spread out and feel as if you are alone in the rain forest (for the most part it felt that way).

We stayed in the Vista Guest room, which has a king size bed and more than suitable for a couple looking to get away from the world. All rooms also have a direct view to the Arenal Volcano. There are so many little features to the room that make it great for a little downtime between activities. Gabi and I typically take a little rest between activities and meals and our room made the perfect spot. The room had seating inside, outside, and even hammocks to lie down in and enjoy the sounds of the rain forest.

We spent a lot of time out and about exploring around the Arenal Volcano. When we were not exploring there, we were exploring the insane grounds of the resort. A short walk from our room was the Perdido Springs. This contained about a dozen different thermal springs, all different temperatures as they tend to feed in to each other, creating a cooling process for the water. Then there was the Monkey Slide. The Monkey slide is fun little slide where RJ would shoot out like a cannonball and almost miss the water completely. After death defying stunts like this, he would then again repeat the process.

We traveled during the wet season for Costa Rica. Everyday we would get rain in the morning, afternoon, or the evening. Some days we would get rain all day. If we were anywhere else in the world the rain would spoil the mood. But in the rain forest of Costa Rica, it makes the trip even more exciting. The first night there, we sat in a thermal spring while rain came down all around us. However, with all of the dense vegetation around us, we did not feel hardly a drop. There is something special about sitting in a hot spring in the rain forest that will captivate you.

Gabi was quite captivated as you can see from the photo above. I don’t know the desire behind having a photo where you are throwing water to the sky but as you can see it is quite fun. This was taken at Club Rio. Club Rio is the directly below the resort and has lots of on site adventures for you to enjoy. You can stay at The Springs Resort and Spa and never leave the grounds with so much to do. Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Tubing, and a Wildlife preserve are just some of the features available to experience at this location. Along with these adventures (at an additional cost of course) there are even more thermal springs for guests to enjoy (no additional fee).

Hands down, The Springs Resort and Spa was one of the most enjoyable and delightful hotels that Gabi and I have ever had the pleasure of staying. Now we still have more to talk about when it comes to the resort, which we will share on the next installment of our Passports Collection in Costa Rica: The Food.