Barcelona and the Garage Beer Co.

Barcelona. The Catalonia Kingdom of Spain. The home of Messi and Gaudi. And now the home of one of my favorite craft beer spots, Garage Beer Co. .

I stayed in Barcelona once before. We caught a match between Barcelona FC and Levante. Needless to say, Barca took the day winning handily 5-0. We also took in the Gothic Quarter where there are many a restaurant to indulge in copious amounts of tapas and cava (wine for those who do not know, I didn’t before I went). I stood next to the church that truly will never be finished, Sagrada Familia. That was 3 years ago. At the time I was not truly in to beer the way I am now. I didn’t really know what to look for in a good beer and needless to say, I wasn’t looking. This was my 2nd time outside of the country in Europe and I was more enthralled with look of the city rather than where the best beer was located.


This time around I was still enthralled by the city. It really is a beautiful place with rustic qualities. There were so many places to see and enjoy. La Ramblas, Park Guell, Casa Batllo, and the location of the 1992 Olympics were just a few stops on the last stop of my trip.However, after leaving Prague and prior to that Munich, I was on a beer high of sorts and needed to find my next fix. Gabi is great at many things. Planning trips, scouting nice hotels, and finding great places to eat and drink on at the top of her list of great qualifications. Knowing we were going to be thirsty sooner than later, she hopped on the inter-webs in search of a libation liberation of sorts.


Enter my favorite stop in Barcelona : Garage Beer Co.

At first it was hard to find. It takes time to get your bearings and it is easily to take a left instead of a right in a new town. We even walked right past it once. To be fair, the signage is simplistic and it was easy to miss. Two small flags with an orange logo is all there is to announce this place’s presence.


The bar is long and at the end lays the tools of the trade, where they brew their beers. The bar sits up close allowing those to grab a beer and sit outside or sit inside and enjoy the people walking by.


The deeper you go in to this place, the more you feel like you are Alice going down the rabbit hole. The art on the walls is creative and full of current day references. From Game of Thrones to the great Bill Murray, there is lots to see inside.



Beer I Loved:

No Country – An Imperial Stout with Catalan Cream and Coffee 10% ABV


The name alone immediately made me think that it was related to a classic, No Country for Old Men. Curious I asked the brewer who confirmed my suspicions, but shared more depth to the name. There is a bit of an inside joke to the name related to an old man who may or may not think what Garage Beer Co. is doing with their concept is the right thing to do. In that though, there is no country for that old man.

The beer itself was great. The sweet cream and coffee notes stood out and the 10% ABV will blow the shoes right off of your feet.

If you find yourself in Barcelona and in need of a tasty brew, I highly recommend stopping by and grabbing a pint or two at Garage Beer Co. (I know I did!)

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