Munich : Beer and Fun

Lederhosen. Leather pants traditional to the Bavarian region. The people of Munich take their lederhosen seriously. Many beer halls today have their servers dawn the garb to service the many thirsty patrons. There are many beer halls around Munich all with named by the beer they serve. We happened by a few and thought we would share the best ones we ran in to while in Munich.

Haufbrahaus – A staple in beer hospitality. Drop in for a liter or two and listen to the band play. They also have huge festival halls for rent. A tour guide mentioned that the main festival hall was already sold out for the Irish patrons to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.Haufrauhaus.jpg



Lowenbrau – Another great beer hall. This one has a large biergarten on the side to enjoy beer in the summer. They also have the King’s feast to which one must bring their appetite.IMG_6343.jpg

Lowenbrau - Light.jpg

Kings Feast.jpg

Augistiner  – Located in Marienplatz near Frauenkirche this spot was full of the locals. A great place to grab a beer and enjoy roasted pork and potato dumplings. IMG_6531.jpg

There is always something to do in Munich besides eating and drinking but those two things are quite a bit of fun there too.