Lakeland Craft Beer & Food Festival 

This was The Brass Tap’s 2nd Annual Lakeland Craft Beer & Food Festival and overall it was a great event. One thing that stands out was the VIP area. Anytime there is a covered area with a/c and food I highly encourage you to pay for that upgrade. Beer Festivals are a marathon, not a sprint. Inside of the Brass Tap was the VIP area which had a handful of beers not available to General Admission.img_7566-1

Highlights of VIP beers:

Du Claw Brewing Co. – For Pete’s Sake – This was their Imperial version of Sweet Baby Jesus – and baby it was good!

Highland Brewing Company  – Russian Imperial Stout – Highland is based out of North Carolina and was the first beer of theirs I have had the pleasure to have tried.

The Event

Lets get to the highlights of the festival (Note: these are ones I felt stood out from the rest. There were many beers out there but these guys and gals really made me feel they were in it to win it)

Swan Brewing Company

I am an avid dissident voice in the world of Pumpkin beer. My voice was made silent by the amazing beer known as Pumpkin Piety. This one was made even better after they barrel aged it. By far my favorite beer of the whole event.img_7575

Lakeland Brewers Guild

Based out of Lakeland, the Brewers Guild is all about veteran and novice brewers coming together in a relaxed and friendly environment. If you have ever been interested in brewing and want to learn more, you can check out for more information.

The true lovers of beer. We sampled everything they had to offer. However, the “Hard A$$ Lemonade” was a sure treat at 18% ABV.


Laguintas Brewing Company

Citrus and Dank Hops. Nothing more is needed to say. Lagunitas consistently brings the beer and I will continue to be a fan….get it? Fandom Ale. img_7609-1

Cigar City / Oskar Blues / Perrin Brewing – Triangulation

I had heard about this collaboration prior to the event as was super excited to see it available to sample. I’m a stout fan for sure and I am please to say this Imperial Oatmeal Stout is the best representation of the flavor.img_7622

Reprise Brewing

The only brewery in Osceola County and anyone trying to move in the market better be ready for quality competition. We had the Pilsner in the VIP which was good. Along with the Pub Ale and their Imperial Red IPA, I was taken by this group of quality beer brewers.img_7627-1

The logo really was impressive also!img_7637-1

Miami Brewing Co

Before today, I had never had Miami Brewing Co. beers. Mind Blown! I was heard from Hollywood Jeff from At the Bar Podcast that if you are going to put a flavor on the beer label it better have it in the bottle. Miami Brewing Co. did it right. Their Big Rod Coconut Ale delivered that coconut flavor in a way that was not overpowering and left a good aftertaste as well. Another highlight was the Sharkbait Mango Wheat Ale. Both with the flavor in the name and in the bottle to boot!img_7636-1

Thanks again to BYOCB Chris and the BYOCB Intern for having me join them in Lakeland and do a bonus show. Check out social media out as I am sure we will share it to everyone we know!img_7640-1

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