Beer Rev 

I made a quick stop after the Lakeland Craft Beer and Food Festival to check out a local bottle shop. Enter Lakeland’s Beer Revolution. img_7653

They sell everything from craft beer, cider, and mead. They have all of their selections sorted by style and you can even mix and match. Say you have a bottle you find and you really want to have it there they even have a chiller that can have it ready in minutes to enjoy. img_7649

They also have a rotating tap of beers on draft to choose from and it changes often. I find that the rotation is great because if you visiting often there is always something new on tap that you may (or may not depending on how you consume) have tried. img_7650

While my stop was short it was sweet, I loved the location and I found the ability to grab a bottle of the shelf , chill it, and drink right there a cool aspect to the location. Three cheers to Lakeland’s Beer Revolution. I’ll will be seeing you again soon I’m sure.

Check out Lakeland’s Beer Revolution online and follow them on Social Media: