Czech Beer : The Motherland Returns

The Dancing House, or also know as “Fred and Ginger”, symbolizes the transition from Communism to a Democratic State. I got to see this beautiful structure every day as the hotel we stayed at was just around the corner. On the last day of our stay in Prague, Gabi and I set out again to tour more breweries. This time, rather than focusing on the local hangouts, we looked more in to the past, present, and future of beer in Prague. This time we spent time with Tom from Discover Prague.

First the present and future: Pivovarsky Dum

I must have walked past this place dozens of times heading to different transit options. It was a stone’s throw away from the Dancing House. We had talked about stopping in this place and it turns out to be the first stop on the tour.IMG_7235

Here we sampled a bevy of brews made right here in small batches. What I found interesting was the open fermentation of the beers. For those who don’t know, open fermentation can lead to flavor profiles changes due to wild yeast that can be introduced. The beer flavors were wild. Some of the highlights were a nettle, banana, and sour cherry flavored beers. All the ones we sampled were amazing in flavor. wheel of beer

The past: U Fleku

One of the most visited spots in Prague, U Fleku is documented to have been brewing beer in the city for over 500 years. The halls of this brewery are very similar to the beer halls found in the Bavarian area. IMG_7240

One beer to rule them all! U Fleku brews only one type of beer. Known as the “The Flek Dark Double Lager”, this beer is only brewed on location and is not available anywhere else in the city. This was a really flavorful beer!IMG_7238

More of the past: U Medvidku

The coolest stop in town was one I was never even aware of until it was pointed out. U Medvidku is quietly disguised by a Metro location on the edge of Old Town. secret beer

They were also brewing with open fermentation as well. This beer was known as “1466” in reference to when the brewery was founded. This brewery has an interesting story as the building was taken away from the owners by a socialist government and had deteriorated until 1989. Since then it has gone through a vast restoration which expanded the ale house and created a stylish hotel.IMG_7247

Regardless of you reason to visit Prague, beer will always take the spotlight.

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