BYOCB and Central 28 Beer Co.

When it comes to a game of cornhole, don’t tempt fate. That comes especially true when going against Chris Fisher, host of BYOCB and cornhole aficionado. We caught up with Chris during his latest event at Central 28 Beer Company in Debary, FL and you can see our video here. 


On the day of the BYOCB event, Central 28 released their latest IPA Groveland Road, and ale brewed with blood oranges. I loved this beer and even got a six pack from the brewery (well I won a six pack from BYOCB’s promotion. I am a lucky individual). I have to say that you really do get the blood orange from the flavor of the beer.

ABV- 6.4% - BU- 50 Malt- Pale, Crystal and Munich - Hops- Warrior, Centennial, Citra, Mosaic (1)

Let’t talk about their year round stable of beers: Capture.PNG

Trekker Bier – Farmhouse Ale

This beer really took my by surprise as I was unfamiliar with “grissette” style beers even though I am a fan of Belgium style beers. This beer is designed to be enjoyed during the summertime and in Florida that can be all year round. The tartness of the beer really sticks out and lights up the palette.

Dancing Pierre – Belgium-style Pale Ale

The bear on a unicycle juggling hops is a perfect branding for this beer as it symbolizes the balancing act this beer does with flavor. By far one of my favorite beers as I am a true wafflehead (Belgium style lover). You really do get a feel of many different things going on at once when having this beer and all of them working together to make a perfect balance. This beer is so good it out our first Beer of the Week review!

Up River – American Pale Ale

Robust. Aggressively hopped. Just enough malt for balance. These are the words that Central 28 use to describe this APA and I can’t agree more. You really get the pine when smelling this beer to a point where you feel like you’re hiding in the woods. This is a beer that I would find myself having with a nice steak or a mild cheddar cheese and meat board.

We had a blast out at Central 28 Beer Co. They have a great taproom and we even got to spread out in to the brewery area to enjoy some cornhole. If you haven’t had a chance to try Central 28’s selection we suggest you head to your local beer supply and pick up some of this delicious set of brews.


Check out BYOCB here!

Check out Central 28 Beer Co. here!

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