Big Top Brewing Spotlight

From time to time craft bars will do a spotlight, a focus on a specific brewery to showcase what they have to offer. Recently, World of Beer in Clermont had a spotlight on Big Top Brewing Company from Sarasota, FL. A special highlight of this event was that the crew from the WOB Clermont collaborate with Big Top in making a beer just for the event.

Here were some of the beers showcased that I thought stood out:

Citrus City IPA (Untappd Rating 3.88)

Not my favorite of the ones I had but certainly not a bad beer. I did get a bit of a citrus oil flavor in my mouth at the end. I would more than likely drink this IPA over another during a hot day if it was an option. It’s not overpowering and well balanced.

Hawaiian Lion Toasted Coconut and Coffee Porter (Untappd Rating 3.99)

I really liked this beer when I had it in can a while back. But like a friend once said, “You cannot truly know the flavor of a beer until you have had it on draft”. In this case they were exactly right. The beer flavors definitely stood out and were more prominent (which was awesome). You really do get the fragrance of coconut along with the taste on the finish.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout (Untappd Rating 4.05)

Highlight of all the beers was the Mexican Hot Chocolate. When I first tasted the beer it was still a little colder than probably the recommended temperature for the taste. After I let it sit for a bit everything came out. I really liked the heat at the end that lingered but didn’t overpower the rest of the tastings. One thing I have found in the past when there is heat in the mix is that usually anything greater than a 4oz taster tends to be too much. I can safely say that is not the case with this one. Big Top really should take this collab and keep it around for a good seasonal treat.

The winner of the day by far was the collaboration Mexican Hot Chocolate. Suprisingly the weather cooled down enough that this beer was a welcome hit for me. I really am a fan of stouts and porters but being in Florida tends to push me towards lighter beers. But fate knew what I wanted that day and provided a nice, cool breeze on the patio at the World of Beer which lead to a nice little moment to enjoy a few beers from Big Top Brewing.

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