Live with Beer and Sunshine

No matter what is going on, when you live in Florida you can always count on Beer and Sunshine. Never a truer word has been spoken to me before. While trampling through the Lakeland Craft Beer Festival I happened to stumble into Christina and Tommy, hosts of Beer and Sunshine.  Little did I know that I would be recording with them there and later on visiting their set as a guest. 


The set was pretty impressive. I mean, the had beer flowing from the walls! Needless to say I was extremely comfortable as soon as I stepped on the set. Tommy wasn’t able to join us that evening, so filling in for him was John, host of the show Nerd Talk. You can see there set from the photo above. I felt like a kid in a candy store there was so much cool stuff around.

After what I thought was a stellar performance from all those around (seriously everyone in the building was awesome), I headed out with the Beer and Sunshine Crew to Rebel Dog Brewery where we tried everything they had on tap. Here is a breakdown of what I thought of the beers:

The Angry Holstein – Creamy, rich, and full of flavor. Makes me want to be a mad cow!
Waiting on Wednesday – This beer is just what you need when you hit the hump day and wish it was Friday. Lots of Citra hops and orange zest that if you closed your eyes made you think were drinking a glass of OJ.
Endless Summer – All day drinker! This is what Hoegaarden wishes it could taste. By far my favorite beer of the night.
Ridin’ the Red Eye – Great pun name and great flavor. Little coffee in it too.

I can only say great things about Beer and Sunshine. It was a blast to join them on their show and I hope they have many many more great ones to follow. I know that I cannot wait to get going on some more adventures so that I can come back and share my tales (and some beer) with Beer and Sunshine.

Wanna watch Beer and Sunshine? Catch up on the latest episodes here! Don’t forget you can catch them live Fridays at 8pm EST. You can watch live from Facebook or tune in to WeBeamTV.

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