Jake’s Beer Festival

A nice summer evening out. Live music, food, beer, and a great location tends to be the must have quality factors in producing a enjoyable atmosphere. Jake’s Beer Festival is a bi-annual event hosted at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. 

The real winner of this event was the food. Chicken and Waffles with jalapeno glaze, salmon tostadas, and BBQ short rib sliders were among the favorites of the crowd. I love a good beer event, truly I do. But having food included in the price of admission hands down wins it for me against other events I have had the privilege of attending. There are other benefits as well. With food included, those who may not be so inclined to taste all the offerings the beer slingers have to offer may still see this as a viable ticket and join others who would go regardless of food. 

I saw many a familiar face at this event; friends from Red Cypress, Lagaunitas, Tomoka Brewing, Orlando Brewing, and Cigar City to name a few. There were also new names to me such as Walking Tree and Sailfish Brewing. Many brought our their stable best sellers while others promoted their seasonal selection.img_8082

For those who chose the VIP ticket, you had access to Jake’s Bar, where you could enjoy a bit if A/C along with some specialty beers not available to the rest of the patrons and a swag bag. The price point was not much more than the General Admin ticket so if you wanted to beat the heat it would be a win/win scenario. As this event takes on a second date later on in the year, I may have to join the highfalutin party goers in their VIP oasis the next time around.

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