Cape Town, South Africa

After a successful excursion in the bush of Kruger National Park, it was time to head back to civilization. Cape Town is on the southwest coast of South Africa, sitting under one of the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Table Mountain.Cape town has so much to offer in terms of travel. Beautiful capes, mountains, beaches, and nice climate makes it a top travel for all of Africa. Table Mountain, The Cape of Good Hope, and the city itself has so much to offer.Cape Town seaside.JPG

Hotel Stay – Ever hear of Relais & Chateuax? Yeah I hadn’t either. They have properties all over the world. But they don’t just build a luxury skyscraper hotel in the middle of downtown. Instead, they look to be a part of the history and culture of the city. Staying in the Cellars-Hohenort Hotel, we became immersed in the historical Constantia Valley.Cape Town Hotel 1.JPG

In the 1750’s, the property the wine cellar of Klaasenbosch Farm. As w walked the grounds the buildings display much of the Dutch decor and style. Breakfast is the most important meal when traveling. And our “brunches” at the Cellars were incredible. While the food options were great, the view of the slopes of Table Mountain were inspiring.19905180_10156053901959041_3175618240020885213_n

Table Mountain – It took a few tries to get to the top. Our first try was thwarted by high winds prevented us from taking the Ariel Cableway. The visibility was low as well. The joke is that clouds that lay on top of the Table Mountain is the “Table Cloth”. IMG_8809.jpg

You are able to hike but as that was not on my “bucket list” so we left it for another day. The weather could not be more perfect for that 2nd try. We bought our tickets online during breakfast and an hour later we were taking the cable ride up the mountain. The cape below is a sight to see.Table Mountain 4

Townships – In school you learn about apartheid and hear about townships but you never truly understand what it really entailed until you set foot in one. We took a tour which took us on a cultural excursion that gave us a history lesson through food. The day ends with a meal in the home of a lovely family who serves a traditional meal. It was an intimate setting, sitting with a husband and wife and hearing first hand the history of the area. It will be a meal I will never forget. If you’re interested here is a link to the tour in question. You will not be disappointed.DSC_0120.JPG

Travel – Uber baby! The best way to get around. With the cost of living, travel by Uber tends to be the best value. You also get to meet drivers literally from all over Africa. They all had interesting stories and were great with conversation. Of course once we mentioned we lived in the US they became the one with questions. You can get from one side of Cape Town to the other for less that $20. Most of our rides averaged around $10- $12 range.Cape Town Hotel 6

The Potluck Club – I like to thing I am a simple man with simple tastes. That cannot be said for Gabi. She has definitely exposed me to the fancier side of life. One of those fancier and finer things in life is The Pot Luck Club. Situated on the top floor of the Silo in the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, the glass walls provide a panoramic view of Table Mountain and Cape Town. The dining experience is a plate sharing concept with profiles for the cuisine: salty, sour, bitter, sweet, and umami. The best piece you along with the staff create your tailormade experience.IMG_9002

Cape of Good Hope – Originally considered the most Southern point of Africa as it was perceived to be the point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Originally named the “Cape of Storms”, it got a name change from King John II of Portugal as it provided optimism as you began to head east towards India rather than continuing south.


From seeing giant beaches from the rocks above with lifeguards looking for sharks to seals taking in the sun in the harbor where the fisherman discarded the pieces of fish not used, Heading to the Cape of Good Hope was a great as the time spent there.

Beer – It wouldn’t be a true BS adventure without a bit of beer added to the mix. While South Africa is known for their wine, the craft beer industry is really starting to make its mark. We visited 3 breweries while in town and were impressed with all of them. They all had their own special touches that made them unique in their terms of atmosphere. You can read all about the beer stops in our article Cape Town: Craft Beer: Cool Vibe.DSC_0177

If I had one place to choose to live outside of the US, it would be hard to pass on Cape Town. There is such a vibrant culture along with memorable cuisine. While it may not be my home, it felt like it while I was there.

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