Tobogganing in the Austrian Alps

As I have a new winter adventure coming early 2018, I was reminded of my recent adventure to Kufstein, Austria. Kufstein is a great city to stay when going on a ski adventure is then Austrian Alps. Roughly 30 minutes from Skiwelt, Kufstein provides a much needed relaxing atmosphere after a day of skiing. 

IMG_6636.jpgWhile Gabi is quite the skier (for her first time) I didn’t feel the need to completely obliterate my body trying to do an activity that even those who are in great shape can have trouble. Instead I took the advice of one of the patrons of Skiwelt.


 It’s a ski vacation. People forget the vacation part. Put a beer or two in your backpack and take a toboggan down.

I thought I would feel silly riding down a toboggan while Gabi skied down the mountain but I could not have been more wrong. Tobogganing is by far the most enjoyable winter time activity I could have ever found.

Skiwelt – How to get down a snow pile in style

Skiwelt is great! There are sections of this giant mountains for all languages. Lucky for us we went to Skiwelt Soll which happens to be where many a English ex-pat resides and work as instructors.



We visited during Fasching, a carnival celebration. During that time there was a in-city snowboard competition! They trucked in snow to the city centre and built a slope. Hundreds of people lined the slope and they were given an awesome event.


It wouldn’t be a vacation without food and beer! We spent many a meal at Purlepaus. It was right in the city centre where they Tri-city snowboard contest was held. There was not a bad meal on the menu and as always great Bavarian beer. I would have to say the King’s Feast (for two) is the best!


PSA: Don’t let your skinny wife try on your ski clothes!

ski pants too big.jpg

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