Tokyo and I Met Godzilla

After a literal travel “around the globe” I made it to the Land of the Rising Sun. Miami to Doha = 14 hours. Overnight at The Pearl in Qatar. Doha to Tokyo = 10 hours. Two days of travel and every minute is worth it.

Did I think I would draw as much attention while walking the streets of Tokyo? No. I mean I did think that I would be stared at a bit seeing as I am, frankly, a plus size gentleman. Little did I know that it would draw the attention of television. Yep, you heard me. Shinbuya Station is the busiest intersection in the world. People sit up at a Starbucks across the street just to watch people….well walk. And it was there I became famous (so to speak).

Doing some posing after my interview with “Why did you come to Japan?” on TV Tokyo

Now when your famous you tend to meet other celebrities because you know, game respect game. That being said, as a larger than life figure it only made sense to meet up with another larger than life figure in that of Godzilla.

Godzilla’s seflie game needs a little work. He can’t look in to the camera.

Shinjuku is where you can find Godzilla towering over the city ready to either destroy or save it (a little of both if you watch the movies). So much to see and do in this area of Tokyo. Dining, shopping, love hotels…. yes love hotels. Love hotels are a little place where you and maybe your significant other can have a few hours undisturbed and anonymous. Except for Godzilla looking over everything of course.

Here’s Godzilla trying to eat Hugh Jackman. Bad blood between those two I think.

I had to take some time away from the chaos that is the main street of Tokyo and decided a private tour with Japan Wonder Travel was the best way to blend with the locals. Sunamachi Ginza shopping street had everything you would want to try in Japanese food. From inarizushi , yakitori, and oden to sake and green tea.

I always will take photos with fans. Especially those who didn’t know I was famous.

Our first stop on the tour was a small tempura shop that was run by the same family for 70 years. I chatted with the youngest son who now runs the shop. He used to be a rugby player in his younger days and still plays a little semi-professional. He would drop me in a heartbeat for sure. He also makes some awesome food.

Osozai and Tempura

While walking around we met a tea master who showed us the proper way to make green tea.

Then he had us to do the same. We even got special glassware for the occasion. I mean rolling out the red carpet for celebs is something I can get used to I guess.

We made our own Matcha!

Just when we thought we were not longer being reconized, here I am being caught in a subway during rush hour. Can’t they just let me live my life!!!

I think this guy covered his face to avoid being recognized.

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