Kyoto Kasual Vacation

Finally we are off on our way from Tokyo to see more of the greatness that is Japan. We took the bullet train from Tokyo to the city of Kyoto. While the train was super fast it was easy to grab a quick pic of Mount Fuji in the background.

Mt. Fuji while riding the train to Kyoto

We decided it was time for a lunch. Leaving the hotel we found a large covered shopping area with many streets. We turned through many a dori until we found Mumokuteki Cafe. Just looking at photos of food we said this was the place for us. Little did I know that we were embarking on a vegan / vegetarian restaurant experience. Now we had enough fried items in the past few days that a healthy dose of veggies was exactly what was needed. Of course, I would find a way to get my noodle fix.

Best vegetarian meal of all time at mumokuteki

After a meal it was time to see more of the sites. One stop you have to do is Fushimi Inari-taisha. This shrine sits at the bottom of the Inari mountain. Along with the temple area you have over 10,000 torii gates that lead the way up to the top of the mountain. It was cool to see the torii gates as the only time I have ever seen one for read was the recreated one in the Japan pavilion in Epcot. It’s crazy how much detail went in to the Epcot area that you see in real life Japan.

So many torii gates

Inari is the god of rice but also the patron of business. This shrine has around 30,000 sub shrines around Japan. Another feature of the Inari temples is the fox, who known to the messengers. Most of the torii gates you see would have been donated in hopes that a wish would come true or to show thanks for a wish coming true.

Fushimi Inari-taisha torii obligatory selfie

Sometimes the best view you can get at night is high up. That can be done right at Kyoto Station as they have Kyoto Tower. While we expected to see a great view of the city at night we did not expect to see what looked like a blizzard (exaggeration clearly but still a lot of snow blowing our way at the time).

It was crazy to see that amount of snow seeing as I snapped a pic of the tower before we headed up to get a view of the city. The city at night was vibrant, colorful, and alive. There were a lot of tourists in the city. Not sure if it was related to the marathon being hosted the next day.

Kyoto Tower at night – before the snow storm!

Next up is Nara Park. Time to feed some deer!

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