One cool thing about traveling to other places is having people you know living there to give you a bit of the casual day feel about a city. This was exactly the case when we visited Nagoya. Of course when visiting friends they always want to take you to their favorite restaurants. Needless to say there will be lots of food talk in this one! The first place we stopped for eat was a little place we called Sumo Pig Restaurant. I also like to believe if I was a pig this would be how I look. Now the real name  Misokatsu Yabaton and is a miso katsu specialty restaurant.

Misokatsu Yabaton – Highly Recommended

What is miso katsu? Besides being totally awesome it is a specialty of the Nagoya area. A typical tonkatsu is a fried pork cutlet with Worcestershire sauce. In Nagoya, the take it to the next level by taking that samle cutlet and covering it red miso sauce. This is served with shredded cabbage, rice, and miso soup! And of course I washed it all down with a simple beer.

Tonkatsu – pork cutlets two ways (Red Miso and Worcestershire Sauce)

After such a great meal we had to walk it off. A great place to visit there is Nagoya Castle. Walking to the castle you pass Kinshachi, the symbol of Nagoya. Now some say carp and others say dolphin so lets say magic fish and call it a day.

Kinshachi – the golden Shachihoko in Nagoya Castle

We found an even bigger one inside Nagoya Castle and I just couldn’t help myself. I mean how often do you get to ride on the symbol of a city let alone a golden dolphin! I feel the magic dolphin being angry that I was crushing his snoot like that.

They let you ride this one!

Now I didn’t two random well dress little girls wandering Nagoya and ask them for a photo. No this is Marina and Julia, two of the reasons we visited Nagoya. The last time I saw them they were both so little and have grown so much. They both are so inquisitive and full of energy and excitement. It was so good to spend the day with them. They even gave me an awesome photo for the blog!

Selfie game is strong with these ones!

Long Gyoza is just 3 gyoza as one gyoza. That’s a lot of gyoza. I’ve already said gyoza more than I ever thought I would say. But these little dumplings of happiness being even bigger only made it better.

Long Gyoza would be my Wu Tang Clan name

When I think of Japan I don’t think of deserts or pastries. However we found that cake shops such as Harps Restaurant are very popular. There are lots of cafes  like this in town and they are quite popular. I couldn’t help but try to be a little exotic with my strawberry tea (great flavor) along with a banana creme pie. Now don’t tell my mother this and I will deny I even wrote it….but it was the best pie I have ever had in my life.

Banana Creme Pie

Well that is all from Nagoya. We said goodbye to our friends who we hoped to see again in the future. Spending a day in the city of Nagoya was great and we could have stayed even longer. But alas, the Winter Olympics was calling my name and I was en route to Seoul!

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