I Went to the Olympics!!! USA! USA! USA!

DSC_0016.JPGThe glory of the Red, White, and Blue! When you go to the Olympics you see all countries competing and showing their support for the their fellow countryperson! Since Gabi had no Brazilian compatriots in these games, she went with her second favorite… the good ole U.S of A!

Myself, I had already committed myself to full support of our competitors. In fact, I have some of the best gear at the event. I mean you can never go wrong with an oversized Uncle Sam hat, scarf (from my American Outlaw soccer friends, and of course Old Glory herself.

I always rep the Uncle Sam hat when USA has a team in the game!

We were able to partake in two events in South Korea. The first being the Half Pipe Freestyle Ski Men’s Gold Medal Event. And USA was looking to take it home. Now this has already happened a while back but yes the USA took both gold and silver of the event

Ski Jump…more like Ski HOLY CRAP THAT’S HIGH!

While we only did two events. The space to travel was long and it got cold fast. I mean we are up in the mountains right? After seeing the ski jump we decided to take some time and check out the Olympic Village before taking a bus back to Seoul. I’m happy in being able to say I can check off “Going to the Olympics” on the ole bucket list. And I got to see USA take home the gold no doubt.


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