This beer of the week comes to us from Crooked Can Brewing Company and is their Cloud Chaser hefeweizen. Crooked Can is a brewery located in Winter Garden, Florida. Their base of operation is located in the Plant St. Market which contains many pop up shops and cool restaurants, not to mention a butcher shop.

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Cloud Chaser

ABV: 5.4% – I see more clouds to chase when I drink this

IBU: N/A – If you think this is bitter you may need to get a tongue scraper

untappd.pngUntapped Rating – 3.71 (2,933 ratings)

Our Review: 

I must say that I am a bit bias when it comes to Crooked Can simply because I have been a fan of their beer for a long time. This was also a gateway beer for my wife which expanded her palette to more delicious brews.

When I get the first sip from this hefeweizen I feel like I am sitting in a beer garden in Munich, listening to a band play classic oompa music. I get that fruity and spicy character which hits you both in smell and taste. The banana give the beer a little more sweetness than a typical hefe but is definitely welcoming. That golden haze color reflects perfectly in a sunny Florida afternoon in the summer. I love this beer when I make some grass-fed beef sliders out on the grill.

I could really do a BOTW for each beer from Crooked Can but with the late day sun all I could think about was sitting on my patio and cracking open one of these beauties.

Cheers to Crooked Can’s Cloud Chaser. Get out to Winter Garden, FL to visit Plant St. Market for some great draft options and lots of great food options nearby. About RJ Welsh (2)