Orlando Weekly’s Beer ‘Merica

There truly is nothing better than ice cold beer on a hot summer day. Gaston Edwards Park was alive and vibrant this past weekend with the Orlando Weekly’s 3rd Annual Beer ‘Merica Craft Beer Festival. The venue was packed with beer, food vendors, live music, and of course, patrons decked out in their most American of attire. I did not go all out but I did represent my American side by sporting my American Outlaws “This Land is Our Land” shirt.  Continue reading “Orlando Weekly’s Beer ‘Merica”

Lakeland Craft Beer & Food Festival 

This was The Brass Tap’s 2nd Annual Lakeland Craft Beer & Food Festival and overall it was a great event. One thing that stands out was the VIP area. Anytime there is a covered area with a/c and food I highly encourage you to pay for that upgrade. Beer Festivals are a marathon, not a sprint. Inside of the Brass Tap was the VIP area which had a handful of beers not available to General Admission. Continue reading “Lakeland Craft Beer & Food Festival “

8th Annual Deland Craft Beer Festival

My first trip to Deland Florida was an eventful one to say the least. I had the pleasure of attending the 8th Annual Deland Craft Beer Festival. There were breweries from all around Florida and even some national craft breweries as well. This is a quick snapshot of my time there. Hope you enjoy…. Continue reading “8th Annual Deland Craft Beer Festival”

3rd Annual Craft Beer Fest Windermere 

Nothings says “Old Florida Charm” like that of downtown area of the city of Winderemere. And on a nice late afternoon, nothing sounds better than going out downtown and enjoying the atmosphere that the city offers. Of course, this day was a little better as we were taking part of Winderemere’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Fest. Continue reading “3rd Annual Craft Beer Fest Windermere “