Crushable is Craft Beer’s version of “Drinkability”

Tongue and cheek humor and not intended for use in actual opinion forming.

If you’ve been around craft beer long enough you have heard the term “crushable” at least once. Maybe not in public but on the bevy of social media platforms out there, your eyes or ears have been privy to the “bro-iest” of craft beer slang. The term “crushable” is a slang term used to define the ease in which a beer can consumed. Continue reading “Crushable is Craft Beer’s version of “Drinkability””

Brew Hub

Living in Central Florida, taking Interstate 4 is just a thing you have to do from time to time. It’s not the best ride to say the least. There is not much to see but flat land and lots of grass, but at one point from the road you can see a large building with a silhouette of a bottle and bottle caps hanging from the wall. You can see cars piled in the parking lot and a road to and from the building. I always wanted to visit this place but never had the time (really there was just not a close enough exit for me to change my plans and head there). Finally, with a free weekend and excuse of lunch in Lakeland, FL I found my chance to stop by this brewing monolith and sample some beers! Continue reading “Brew Hub”

Barcelona and the Garage Beer Co.

Barcelona. The Catalonia Kingdom of Spain. The home of Messi and Gaudi. And now the home of one of my favorite craft beer spots, Garage Beer Co. .

I stayed in Barcelona once before. We caught a match between Barcelona FC and Levante. Needless to say, Barca took the day winning handily 5-0. We also took in the Continue reading “Barcelona and the Garage Beer Co.”

Middle of a Daydream

Milk and cookies. Peanut butter and jelly. Pizza and beer. All classic combos. A couple of weeks ago RJ attended an event that joined two of these things in perfect harmony. He along with hundreds (yes, hundreds) of fans of A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan flocked to Red Cypress Brewery to celebrate the release of their collaborative beer “Middle of the Road”. Continue reading “Middle of a Daydream”