Munich : Beer and Fun

Lederhosen. Leather pants traditional to the Bavarian region. The people of Munich take their lederhosen seriously. Many beer halls today have their servers dawn the garb to service the many thirsty patrons. There are many beer halls around Munich all with named by the beer they serve. We happened by a few and thought we would share the best ones we ran in to while in Munich. Continue reading “Munich : Beer and Fun”

Barcelona and the Garage Beer Co.

Barcelona. The Catalonia Kingdom of Spain. The home of Messi and Gaudi. And now the home of one of my favorite craft beer spots, Garage Beer Co. .

I stayed in Barcelona once before. We caught a match between Barcelona FC and Levante. Needless to say, Barca took the day winning handily 5-0. We also took in the Continue reading “Barcelona and the Garage Beer Co.”

Costa Rica : The Adventures 

The Arenal Volcano area of the rain forest in Costa Rica is definitely worth exploring. There are so many activities to enjoy. The Springs Resort and Spa had several on site activities, but Gabi wanted to explore the area a bit and chose to choose off site activities. The resort assisted in setting up all of our activities and were paid through our resort. Continue reading “Costa Rica : The Adventures “

Costa Rica : The Springs Resort and Spa 

Talk about a place you will never want to leave. Costa Rica is an amazing country with so much to see and do. While we could not do it all, we did travel to the Arenal Volcano and experience the rain forest. This is the first of 3 installments about our Adventure. We hope you enjoy our story as much as we did making it. Continue reading “Costa Rica : The Springs Resort and Spa “