Big Top Brewing Spotlight

From time to time craft bars will do a spotlight, a focus on a specific brewery to showcase what they have to offer. Recently, World of Beer in Clermont had a spotlight on Big Top Brewing Company from Sarasota, FL. A special highlight of this event was that the crew from the WOB Clermont collaborate with Big Top in making a beer just for the event. Continue reading “Big Top Brewing Spotlight”

Brew Hub

Living in Central Florida, taking Interstate 4 is just a thing you have to do from time to time. It’s not the best ride to say the least. There is not much to see but flat land and lots of grass, but at one point from the road you can see a large building with a silhouette of a bottle and bottle caps hanging from the wall. You can see cars piled in the parking lot and a road to and from the building. I always wanted to visit this place but never had the time (really there was just not a close enough exit for me to change my plans and head there). Finally, with a free weekend and excuse of lunch in Lakeland, FL I found my chance to stop by this brewing monolith and sample some beers! Continue reading “Brew Hub”

BYOCB and Central 28 Beer Co.

When it comes to a game of cornhole, don’t tempt fate. That comes especially true when going against Chris Fisher, host of BYOCB and cornhole aficionado. We caught up with Chris during his latest event at Central 28 Beer Company in Debary, FL and you can see our video here.  Continue reading “BYOCB and Central 28 Beer Co.”

Czech Beer : The Motherland Returns

The Dancing House, or also know as “Fred and Ginger”, symbolizes the transition from Communism to a Democratic State. I got to see this beautiful structure every day as the hotel we stayed at was just around the corner. On the last day of our stay in Prague, Gabi and I set out again to tour more breweries. Continue reading “Czech Beer : The Motherland Returns”