Crushable is Craft Beer’s version of “Drinkability”

Tongue and cheek humor and not intended for use in actual opinion forming.

If you’ve been around craft beer long enough you have heard the term “crushable” at least once. Maybe not in public but on the bevy of social media platforms out there, your eyes or ears have been privy to the “bro-iest” of craft beer slang. The term “crushable” is a slang term used to define the ease in which a beer can consumed. Continue reading “Crushable is Craft Beer’s version of “Drinkability””

A Grand Quinquennial

Windermere played host to its 5th Annual Craft Beer Festival over the weekend and I got together with a few friends (some old some new) and we hit downtown Windermere like we were the kings and queens of the castle. Well maybe more like princes and princesses….you get the idea. We went out and partied!!!!! We had delicious craft beer. Listened to live music. Learned a little more about beer and a little bit about ourselves. Alright lets get to…. A Grand Quinquennial – Recap of Windermere’s Craft Beer Festival.

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